Links We Like

Have a look at some of the following links at your leisure!


Click here, Corban Clinic, to find information regarding the Corban Clinic, Roca Blanca’s medical ministry.

This link, David and Laura, is for the Spanish school’s and the Corban Clinic director’s blog.

This one, Roca Blanca Orientation, is to help answer your questions about what to bring, wear, etc. in our part of Mexico. This page is written for short term teams, but has lots of great tips to get oriented a bit.

This one, Ness blog, is from Drs. Dave and Mary Kay Ness, the beloved physicians who come every year for three months to help the many needs around us every day.

Puerto Escondido, a half hour away, is well known to surfers everywhere. Our friends, Mike and Vanessa Allbutt, direct the Christian Surfer’s Ministry there. Here is their website, Surfistas Cristianos.

Interaction International, is a ministry that has done exhaustive research and work with missionary kids over many years – an invaluable resource.

Brigada Today is a weekly web journal that offers resources, mission trends, motivation, strategy tips, tools & “hacks” to Great Commission Christians. Their incredibly informative site is Brigada Today

Ask a Missionary exists to help prospective missionaries along on their journey to long-term mission service. Helpful questions and answers are published, missionaries, mission leaders, and mobilizers contributing answers to help and encourage.

“The small classes are wonderful. Close teacher/student interaction was so helpful. We use our vocab words in grammar, we practice our grammar more in verb class as we create sentences, we practice conjugating those verbs in lab class, etc. God’s goodness is so evident here and in the lives of our teachers who eagerly give so much to invest in their students.”