What Students Say

“This has been a wonderful experience! The Roca Blanca missions base is so beautiful. All the staff/workers are full of love and compassion. It is impossible to leave without being touched by God. The classes are intense and challenging, but the teachers are supportive and encouraging – both in and out of the classroom. I am better equipped to serve God in ministry than I was before I came.”  Sarah Kelley – Spanish Teacher

“As you could expect, Nico and Anne are sailing beautifully with their language and culture…we are sooo thankful to God for them! And so thankful for your generosity to open your school and hearts for our teammates. The Marshalls will be there soon also…another country and culture in your international student body!

We really appreciate the very special care you are giving our teammates, and your generous up-dates are a unexpected blessing. What a joy to see that you have eager language learners! Praise the Lord!”  Ed Somerville – WEC International Mexico

“The Roca Blanca Spanish Language School has been an incredible tool in my life, helping me not only to understand but also apply what I’m learning on a daily basis. I absolutely love class. Learning is fun and the atmosphere is comfortable and energetic. The curriculum constantly incorporates new and old information we’ve learned into each segment of the day in an incredible format. (We use our vocab words in grammar. We practice our grammar more in verb class as we create sentences. We practice conjugating those verbs in lab class.) The small classes are wonderful. One-on-one teacher/student interaction was so helpful. God’s presence is so evident here and in the lives of our teachers who eagerly give so much to invest in their students.” Aubrie Adams – Teacher

“The Roca Blanca Spanish Language School has been awesome! You are not only challenged to learn a different language, but are also exposed in daily life to the rich culture and heritage of the indigenous people that you have the opportunity to walk and live among. I would encourage anyone who has a love for people and a desire to learn Spanish to come and experience Mexico in a new and challenging way – one that will touch your heart!”  Doug Fuller – Spanish student

“I’ve been back in the village for 3 weeks now, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the language ministry at Roca Blanca! I am speaking in sentences, understanding how to use verbs, and so much more! I feel so bold to strike up a conversation. Everything I learned is falling into place nicely. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am friends with several families in the village who are not believers. One family invited me over for breakfast last week. When we ate together this time I was almost in tears because I could actually express myself, and understand most of what they said!! And the best thing is that people understand me too. I’m so thrilled. Thanks to all the teachers. Everyone and everything was top notch, and I couldn’t recommend RB more highly. Thank you!”  Cleo Young – Missionary in Mexico

I’ve noticed that after level 4 at Roca Blanca I’m far ahead of some other American Spanish speakers here who rarely ever use subjunctive. Last Sunday I preached my first sermon in Spanish, about 35 minutes long. I was told I was easy to understand! Before I remember trying to give a 5-10 minute devotional to a group of kids. It was so difficult and I was so frustrated because I just didn’t have the tools. Now I have those tools, I want to thank the teachers at the school. You guys poured into us and we wouldn’t be to where we are today without you.Thank you again. We miss you guys a lot and cherish our memories there. Ben and Tara Heidegger – Missionaries in Dominican Republic

Level 5 has been really good for me. Rubén and Paulina have done an excellent job of teaching us new, in-depth material, while reinforcing and perfecting the fundamentals. They have stretched us! They asked us about what we needed and wanted to work on, then were intentional about following up on those things. The other levels were more focused on learning fundamentals – level 5 had more of a focus on being able to speak, communicate and translate on a wide range of topics. It felt like I was going to college again, except in Spanish! Jana Harms – Missionary Nurse

Level five is like getting in seven weeks what it would take seven years of close living and observation to learn and integrate. Well worth the time and effort! David Nelson – Missionary in Oaxaca, Mexico


In addition to the brief testimonies at the bottom of each page, here are a few more unsolicited comments from some of our students. Our hope is that the unique sense of family and mutual care that God has blessed us with will be effectively communicated to you through their words.

We exist to serve you and help you in every way possible to learn this beautiful and useful language well for the Kingdom of God’s purposes!

Spanish School Staff and Teachers