The full course includes four levels and takes approximately eight months to complete, level one being little to no working Spanish, and level four being near-native fluency. If you think that you may be able to enter in at any other level than Level One then you’ll need to fill out the placement evaluation that you can download and send back to us from the Applying and Placement page link located above. There is also a level five class offered when there are enough students for it. This is designed to give ample time to perfect the more challenging parts of the language, increase fluency, colloquialisms, deeper theological terminology, oral spontaneous translating, and anything else that the particular group of students may need. It also works well as a refresher course for those already serving. If you’re interested in level five then please contact us to see when we’ll be offering it, hopefully every date that’s shown below. Take a look at what students have said about it on the Comments tab above!

We welcome those who would like to visit and see the school in action and the mission base that we’re located on, as well as our local fishing village. At times we have excursions out of the school for a day or more, cooperating with our Clinic on an indigenous mountain village medical brigade. These occasions and also test days aren’t the best for a visit. Contact us if you’d like to come, and we’ll advise you on when we’ll be doing these events. We teach all five levels at the same time, therefore each student may begin their first, second, third, fourth or fifth level classes at any of the dates listed below. We’d love to see you here as the Lord guides!


2018 Dates

January 8 – February 23

March 5 – April 20

April 30 – June 15

June 25 – August 10

September 3 – October 19

October 29 – December 14


2019 Dates

January 7 – February 22

March 4 – April 19

April 29 – June 14

June 24 – August 9

September 2 – October 18

October 28 – December 13

“Thank you for all you did for me/us in Oaxaca. I have to say I learned so much and I want to carry it with me forever. Especially, I thank you for the songs, I never knew how much I’d appreciate them. Every morning we learned Spanish songs together. Those songs are precious to me now and they come to mind in difficult times or at the perfect time. My time there at Roca Blanca was difficult and beautiful! Thanks really! Miss you all very much, you impacted me forever!”