Applying and Placement

How do I apply?

To enroll for the Roca Blanca Spanish Language School please download the application here,

Roca Blanca Spanish Language School Application.doc.

Fill it out, and then email the completed document, following the directions at the end. We’ll confirm your place in the language school by return email once the $50 registration fee has been received at:

Victory Latin American Outreach, Inc.
6528 E. 101st St. Ste. D-1 #428
Tulsa, OK 74133.

If you pay by check, please make it out to Victory Latin American Outreach, and clearly designate that it’s your Roca Blanca Spanish Language School registration fee, along with your name. Or you can make the payment by PayPal using the button below if you prefer. Once you log in you can click on “Who does this payment apply to?” to enter your name and your reason for paying.

In order to help process your payment in a timely manner, and to receive your tax deductible receipt for your payments you’ll need to give consent to include your mailing address where indicated on the PayPal form.


What if I’ve studied or speak some Spanish already?

Some can and should enter the school at a higher level than Level 1. If you believe that you may be able to enter at a higher level then you will need to take our placement evaluation to determine your entry level. Click here,

Roca Blanca Spanish Language School Placement Evaluation.doc.

Once it’s finished then email the completed document, following the directions at the end. We will email you back to let you know that it’s been received. Several of our students have tested out at a higher level. To help you determine whether you might be  candidate for an advanced level, here’s a short list of the subjects mastered in level 1.

  • the present, imperfect past and preterite past tenses
  • adjective and adverb use
  • definite and indefinite article rules
  • estar and ser, personal “a”
  • possessive and demonstrative adjectives
  • interrogatives
  • reading and writing rules
  • phonetics and pronunciation
  • and a few hundred verbs and vocabulary words

For an idea on how the course classes run, please click on the “Classes” page above.

“I would encourage anyone who has a love for people and a desire to learn Spanish to come and experience Mexico in a new and challenging way – one that will touch your heart!”