Roca Blanca Spanish Language School

Created By Missionaries For Missionaries and Cross Cultural Christians

Who are we?

We are an intensive missionary language school and Spanish curriculum that emphasizes excellence and immersion into a Hispanic culture. Both are necessary if you’re going to communicate like you really hope to, and be effective over the long term! The inimitable gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ deserves no less. The school is open to adults of any age and any Spanish speaking level, and often to older children of adult students.

A half-hour drive from Puerto Escondido in historic Oaxaca

Cacalotepec, the fishing village where Roca Blanca is located, is approximately one-half hour from Puerto Escondido, the best surfing beach in Mexico. Of course our students can also enjoy the beach just 100 yards from the base, along with the tropical climate year round. In our state of Oaxaca, which has the largest number of unreached people groups in the Western Hemisphere (16 major language groups, and 155 dialects), there are needy coastal towns and rustic mountain villages, providing ample opportunity for ministry experience and other-culture interaction.

We’re pleased that the US State Department bulletins continue to show that the Roca Blanca Spanish Language School is located in the safest and most secure area in Mexico, well and easily patrolled, virtually free from the drug and other violence issues that are plaguing Mexico’s border towns and some large cities. Click on the “About Safety” tab above for more detailed information.

Why study here?

Thorough formal classroom training combined with nonformal and informal experiential learning allow you to gain valuable cultural insights and ministry experience while you study. Located on the campus of a Bible school, music school, high school, vocational school, orphanage, and medical clinic, mostly staffed by Mexican nationals, there are many opportunities to daily engage others on a multi-cultural level. At Roca Blanca Spanish Language School your academic studies become practical to you from the start as you become a part of the community of seasoned missionaries, national students from various indigenous groups, and multi-ethnic staff on the Roca Blanca mission base, all who love Jesus, His Word, and His ways.

Want to know more?

Have a good look at the more detailed information on the other pages! And feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you might have. Our blessing is to serve and enable you. We look forward to being a part of your overall plan to get out there and to enduringly and fruitfully serve Christ among the Spanish-speaking nations!

“The Roca Blanca Spanish Language School has been awesome! You are not only challenged to learn a different language, but are also exposed in daily life to the rich culture and heritage of the indigenous people that you have the opportunity to walk and live among.”