Short Term Trips and Teams

We welcome all kinds of teams or individuals for short term service. Most of our teams come with some medical personnel, but some come without doctors, nurses, etc., but with a desire to be a blessing in conjunction with one of our medical brigades. And normally among the various groups that come to help there are team members that will have prepared activities for children, or ready to participate in a building project in conjunction with the Clinic team, or some other skill to help us in our medical work in our village and in our outside medical brigades in the more remote areas.

Several universities with nursing schools have sent us their students for from one to six weeks. With our permanent staff and visiting physicians we’ve been able to proctor students for credit with their schools. Others studying pre-med or medical school, Physician Assistant, and Nurse Practitioner have come and received credit for their time here. It’s a desirable atmosphere in which to learn tropical medicine, and at the same time be a deliberate blessing to many in need.

If you’re interested in coming or in bringing a team, please click here.

Short Term Application


Also, look through the Orientation page found under the Get Involved tab at, which has more in-depth information about the culture, how to prepare, and much more. Additional orientation for you or your team will be given when you arrive. And, of course, we’re available to answer any concerns or questions that you might have. By means of the Contact Us tab above we can be reached. Don’t hesitate to voice concerns or ask any question. We’re very pleased to serve you in any way that we can!

Do you believe that you have something to offer for the kingdom of God? Answer the call to preach the good news to every nation and come share the gospel with the indigenous of Oaxaca and the nation of Mexico!

Here’s a really nice video from a Clinic short term trip made by a church group in 2013. This team worked a great deal with children while also helping with the medical brigade. Enjoy!