Oaxacan Medical Students

A very special way that you can impact the state of Oaxaca is through supporting a medical student studying or hoping to study in one of our Mexican universities. We select one to five students each year from our area to support or continue supporting toward their medical education. All of them are ardent Christians who want to use their education for the Lord’s service.

After finishing their studies and licencing requirements these new nurses, dentists, or physicians give a year to work in the Corban Clinic before considering an assignment in another location. Some, we believe, will continue working with us in our Clinic and in our medical brigades for years to come, deeply sacrificing what could be a lucrative career in a public or private practice. Our current physicians and nurses have done just that, receiving by comparison, a very low salary for all the work they do. And they do it with a heart for the hurting and lost within our reach, confident in the reality of eternity!

We have very needy areas that are waiting to be manned in the near future, serving villages that have little to no quality medical care. And our students are trained to share Christ and His timeless message of salvation to their patients. These medical students are a real and practical part of the answer of loving care, modeled after our Lord while He walked the earth, “doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.” Acts 10.38

Currently we are helping three individuals, Misael Marcial from nearby Rio Grande, Eloína Alavez from nearby San Felipe, and Melinda Sánchez from our own village of Cacalotepec.

Misael (in the middle, in the first photo above right) has been interested in medicine and in ministry for many years. His brother is one of our pastors, and Misael has consistently demonstrated faithfulness to God and service to his church. He began working toward his doctorate in medicine three years ago, and still has two years to finish. He will be a real blessing to us and to our area for many years to come!

Eloína (the second photo on the right, working the pharmacy at a village medical brigade) has finished her nursing program, and hopes to continue her studies to increase her knowledge and capability from LPN to the equivalent of an RN. She’s been in the Clinic with us for several months, working hard and serving the people of our town. We couldn’t ask for a better coworker, helping us in our medical brigades, and always with a good spirit.

Melinda (in the center of the last photo below right) grew up right here in our village, and is Mixteca. Laura has known her since she was an infant. She graduated our high school as valedictorian, later our Bible school also as valedictorian, and is now in her second year of study to become a dentist. We’re confident that her future will be one of great blessing and fruitfulness!

None of these students have the means to pay for their medical education, totally relying on God to provide in faith. Please consider sponsoring one or more of these young medical students, investing in the future of Oaxaca for the kingdom of God!