Community Health Workers

For many years, we have desired to have a formal training program for local those who feel called to serve in the area of health care in their villages. In September of 2011, we officially began the course in Community Health.

The students must first complete the first year of Victory Bible Institute, giving them a foundation in Biblical knowledge and an introduction into serving in the ministry. They are then ready to focus on learning how to diagnose and treat those with common health problems, how to recognize more serious problems and refer patients appropriately, and how to do preventive health teaching in their communities.

Students often come from marginal communities where health care is not readily available, and they may be the only person available in their village to respond to emergencies and to help in situations of need.

Our hope is that these students will in turn teach others, so that many more people in Oaxaca and other parts of Mexico and even other parts of the world will be reached with the love and care of Christ.

We have a current need for another instructor to direct this program. Our missionary Nurse Practitioner had to return to her home country, and our doctor and nurses already work more than full time. Please talk to the Lord with us about this need. You may even be the answer!